Thursday, November 26, 2009

laundary day

Rumble Grumble. Around and around they go.
Where does it stop no one knows.
On laundary day
clothes wet and warm folded and unfolded.
Laundary day is pretty sain.
never a game.


Laying in the grass looking up at the skies above.
Seeing the stars twinkling in the moonlight.
Then all at once I see a shooting star. I make a wish.
although I can not tell you, I will say it has yet to come true.

Choose a color

If I were blue I'd be the sky way up high.
If I were white a fluffy cloud
If I were red a Cardinal bird hanging in a tree.
If I were pink I'd be a Rose in the sunny sun.
If I were Green, I'd be the tree's leaves or the grass growing up tall , just like me!

I made a mistake! oh no!

I went to Florida to get a tan
I made a mistake a got a band.
I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth
I made a mistake a brushed a sheet.
I went to the bathroom to the backyard to ride my bike
I made a mistake a flew a kite.
I went to my mom's room to kiss her goodnight
I made a mistake a kiss her fist
I went to Bonanza to eat some food
I made a mistake a got the flu.
(boo hoo)


Music is everywhere!
It's amazing what it will do.
Musioc sooths you.
It calms you down
It's a way of connectivity.
and then you get lost inside then there's nothing you can do but.............
turn it off.

Days without color

My days were once full of light and color.
now they are full of darkness and despair.
I've lost my color.
I did not want to but I did.
It made a great toll on me. I have no control.
But.... yet I must remember that I yet have not been heard.
The key word is yet......
Someday people of all ages will hear me once and for all!
Hopefully it won't be too late.....
I'll use this as bate.....
Not to hate.
To bring the color back into my life.
Days without color are days lost.
Maybe I can find a peaceful place. Where everything is in it's place.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
One day maybe I'll get to my happy place,but then it will be too late.
Because I'll be in the gate.
In the gate of heavens door. The bright golden gate.
I can not imagine what it must look like to look down upon my people.

A miracle

The sun so bright
in the summer twilight
with light, so bright
you can run and play
and have a good ole day.
It's a miracle can't you see.
It was sent from heavens above.
It's a bright and sunny day
like a funny bunny.
It's one of God's miracles from day to night
without a fight
in the summer night.
Summer has yet to come to an end.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

" What it means to be an American"

Being an American means a lot to me. I know I take a lot of it for granite,but once I really think about it I love being an American. Almost all Americans take what they have for granite. People in other countries don't have as much or any freedom whatsoever. We are very lucky that soliders and other people fought for our freedom. The men and women who fought for our freedom are heros.WE are lucky we have clean water to drink, food to eat. Most don't even realize that people around the world are suffering because of poor economic issues;there government is poorly run. Maybe a war is going on there. What I want people to do is when they sit down to eat or get fresh water is to think about the people who don't have those things, maybe even do something to help them.

Domencan Republic, etc


What is love?
Love is what you feel toward someone.
My parents love each other deeply.
I hope one day someone will love me, and I will love them, as much as my parents do (did).(rip-dad)
I turned the radio on and all I hear is love songs.
it kinda gets me thinking.
Sometimes gets me down .
because you know, well the adults know that I'm at the age where things just don't make sense, and it's confusing.
One minute I want to grow up the next Iwant to be a child.
It's very confusing.
Most teens are like this,but handle it in different ways.

The Secret

On november 4, 1979 something unusual happened. the cows in the pasture started running around crazy. Mama and Papa ran out of the house to see what the issue was, but weridest thing is that they could not find it. Instead they rounded them up and put them in the barn so that they would calm down.
I was looking out the window, only I know what happened that afternoon. It's a little secret of mine. No one knows about my secret now even my closest sisters. First of all I think you should know a little bit about me. My name is Isabella Marie Curry. I'm in 8th Grade. My best friend is my pets, Sadie (dog) , Pixie (dog), Trixie (dog), and sammy(cat). I have three sisters and a little brother. Michelle's the oldest,(14), Charlotte (15), Beverly (14), we call her bev. I'm 13, and my little brother is Maxwell,(8) we call him Max. Okay now I'll tell you my secret.

My special top secret that nobody knows is...... that I can see spirits.
No it's true! I know everything there is to know about spirits. The reason the cows went crazy is because a ghostly figure scare them. Its hard to explain, but it's true. I remember this one time that I was sleeping and I woke up to the sound of whistling. Then when woke up barely awake i heared someone call my name ......... I-s-a-b-e-l-l-a! It was a ghostly sound that sent chills up your spine. I didn't see anyone. It must have been a dream.

Avery's Lullabye

Dear Viewers, this is a song I wrote about my one year old niece to get her to go to sleep while I was babysitting.

Hush little baby don't you cry
Aunt Nans gonna sing you a lullaby .Lullaby and goodnight my little baby, Avery. Lullaby , lullaby , oh lullaby sweet baby , oh mine.
Hush little baby don't you cry.
Aunt's nan's gonna sing you a lullaby.

and goodnight sleep tight little angel. Hush Baby Avery
Hush baby Avery

It's a mix of a bunch of different lullaby's .

Summer funn :)

Hot and fun
Love to run,
Fun fun
Playing, never laying
always running a'having fun. In the sun.
Playing in the summer sun. So warm on my cheeks.
playing in the sun makes me smile.
Winter is soo cold! it's always tricky on my brain.
In the sun I can run and have fun and play without a worry.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A day being me!

Although I'm not the most popular person in the school; I do have people that care about me. For who I am. Yesterday wasn't my best day, I had to miss school because I had a dentist appointment to get some teeth pulled out so I can get braces. Anyway, I'm back in school today. It's enjoyable I guess it would be better if my wasn't aching with pain. Oh well, mom says when the braces come off I'll look even more pretty than I am now. Hopefully she is right. Well got to go ! Enjoy reading my blog! Good-bye!

Dear readers,

Dear readers,
Sorry :( I haven't been able to give you more juicy stories and poems, but I've been busy with my school work and just haven't had the time. I will put more of the juicy stuff on here as soon as I can so just be patient.

young author.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sweet and delicious.
Dark and rich
Chewy and tasty
It's chocolate
and you know it is delicious.

Forever By Suzanne King

I leave the memories, in my heart,because that completes me forever.
Forever I will love
Forever in my heart and in my thoughts.
Forever in my dreams.
You are there
you are my forever
M ylove for you i s like nothing you can imagine
Your body will not live forever
but your spirit will
forever is not a word but a state of mind
It's more of a spirit.
A spirit between one another
It can never be broken .
Think of it as an engagement ring it is symbolic ... It means that the love for each other will be forever even long after they're bodies have deceased.
It will only be broken if you want to.
My forever will be the smart way.
ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
By living by the word of God!
God and his son Jesus will live in my heart forever!
Forever!!!!!!!! FOREVER!


Fun and sweet
without a tweet.
not alwayssweet,but
always fun to hang with
You may not alway what
to claim them, but you will always love no matter what they do
they are always rascles
with games and jokes
without a doubt they'll make you laugh.
They'll make you smile.
They are girls who are the one's you love the most.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

If I could Save the Earth!

If I could change the world or at least help it heal. First I would help the poor helpless people in the world who have very little money and food to eat. Where they live could be could be the problem. If they live in a poor country most likely the people would be poor. Poor countries usually has a lot of people , but not enough food necessaries and jobs for the people. Most of the children there don't get to go to school because they have to work in fields and factories so they can have food to eat. Most don't even have homes or protective homes. Most are open huts.
Most live in little huts with no indoors plumbing. Little food to eat and hardly enough water. They are having a hard life,why should they have a suffer? Unless they deserved to suffer. If the really truly have a change their ways only then they should have a second chance. Innocent people should not suffer under any circumstances. I would change that because I know that if I were in a situation where I was very poor i would want someone to help me out . If you think about it they are just like you.
The other thing I would do to help the world. I would help the hungry. I would Provide food, water, and shelter. It's so depressing to see all those poor people like that. I also would help provide bathing and dental care products. Whatever they actually needed I would find and provide for them. I'd even get them clothes and shoes to wear. Maybe even find enough money to get to their children in schools and out of factories and fields. The children should be able to achieve their dreams.
Pollution is one big thing that is destroying g our earth . There are more useful ways then causing pollution.I have always remembered the three R's Recycle, renew reuse. If more companies and factories and factories use less energy and use three R's we could save the earth . Recycling is the only one of the many things to help our Earth survive.
Saving the earth is a big job, but if everyone pitched in and did earthly projects that help heal the earth. Instead of being selfish we should take a risk and help our Earth heal! To really help the earth take a pledge to save the Earth ! Go to
Join the many others that have joined.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Why can't you see me?
Why can't you know me for who I am.
Am I invisable?
Who I am you'll never know. Cause I'm invisable in your eyes I'll be thinking of you everyday of my life.
Until we meet face to face.
Why can't you see me the way I want you to.
Oh Oh Oh
Tell me, Tell me why you can't see mee!
Tell me whats wrong with mee!
Why this so complicated!
Tell me why you see can't see me!
Oh oh

Real me

Dear readers,
this is actually a song I wrote. I hope you like it Enjoy!

When are you gonna let me grow up. when are you gonna let me spread my wings and fly. When are you gonna see my life through my eyes.
Oh tell me, tell meeee!
When you gonna see that I have potential too.
And trust me that way you should .
Just let loose and let me fly away, fly away and hope I will come back.
If you hope i will come back home.
Just let me be my own person deep inside you know that I will make the right choices.
Love me for who I am and not what Im not.
And you see the real me
Real me
Real me
Real me
You see the me the real meee!
You'll see the real me !!!
Just open to find the real me today.
Today! Today!


Unable to fall asleep.
Head unable to stop pounding.
Feeling dizzy as can be, tired as can be, but just can't fall asleep.
I've tried to lie down but everytime i do then i still can't sleep. My body wants and needs to go to sleep, but my mind wanders dosen't want to. my mind wanders off to a far away land where everything is just right and reality dosen't exist.
As I sit here writing this I picture myself in bed and asleep and dreaming away as if nothing is wrong. Sleeplessness. Why can't I sleep.
I guess I'm just having one sleepless night. I guess I'll try to fall asleep again.I hope i can


Justice will be served eventually.
Fortually we have evidence.
He will be punished.
Truth will be Prevailed.
Lying doesn't get anywhere in a situation like this.
One lie, after another and then no one can trust you.
No one will believe you.
You'll be. ..
like " like the boy who cried wolf".
Cause no one, but no one will believe you once the truth comes out.
Cause justice will be served, wheather you believe it or not.
Hopefully at the end of the day the people you hurt will have a smile on thier faces as thier eyes start to close.


Fall is arrving without bribing.
school is on it's way of you have to pay.
No way no way
but everyone has to pay. But the reward is worth it.
To learn new things is always nice, without a thinking twice.
School is almost here.


surrounding me , watching the trees pass me by.

As my journey is about to begin.

my journey will be tremendous.


But I know it has to be done.

I will go through many challeges alonge the way ,but...

I know I have many people behind me

And I know they will stand by me forever.










Friday, June 19, 2009

" An Island of Hope"

Clare and her father, Jack went out to sea. Clare's father is a fisherman for Seattle's bay coast. Her father asked her if she wanted to go with him out to sea. Clare said " I'd love to. They headed out to sea.they were in the middle of the ocean when a mysterious storm came. Rain was flooding the boat and the waves were thrashing against it. Jack said hold on Clare. After he said that the waves threw the boat up and Clare went up in the air and landed on an deserted island, well that's what it looked like.
The storm now over, Clare wonder where her father was.Clare walked around the beach and a few times called "father". No one answered. Clare decided that she needed to build a camp before dark. She walked around and found some sticks and thing to make the fire. Clare found all the things she needed before dark. She built a little hut so she'd have some where to sleep and be dry. Clare heard a noise and she realise it was her stomach telling her she was hungry. Clare was very intelligent. Clare found some berries to eat , even some edible plants, she called it salad.Clare consume both the berries and the plants and ate every bite and was full.
The next morning she felt like she was being watch by someone. Clare ate salad again. Still she wounded where her father was, and if he was okay. Clare was sitting by the fire she had made. She heard a rustle behind the trees. A little bit frightened walk over to where she was heard the noise. Clare envisioned someone running through the trees at a high speed. Clare didn't know if she was dreaming or if the figure was real. Could there be another person on the island with her ~or~ was she dreaming?
The third day Clare was there she walked the island leaving marks so she wouldn't get lost. she wanted to find out if a person really was there with her. she searched and searched and didn't find anyone before dark. so she just went back to her camp for dinner. After she ate, she heard the same noise she heard the night before. This time when she walked over to the trees and saw the figure running through the trees she said at the top of her lungs, "Who are you ?", " Come closer if so we can meet." Clare found the image moving closer to her. It moved closer and closer til the were face to face. Both looked lovingly into each others eyes.Then finally the mysterious person said " Hello. My name is Issac." Clare said with a studder still lose in his eyes. I-I am Clare."Nice to meet you". said Issac. Both of them silent now. " Well I better get to bed" Clare said breaking the silence. " Won't you come in with me?" asked Clare asked considerately. " Um.. Sure. It's along way to my camp anyway. Are you sure because you don't sound so sure. Said Clare. Totally. Issac said with a grin on his face. So Clare and Issac stayed in the same hut together and neither one of them slept.
Both of them were in love with each other. Clare asked how he got on this island. Issac replied with my Uncle's boat flung me her during this mysterious storm. Intersting! Clare said. My daddy's boat flung me here. I have been here for four days. Wow! We have alot in common. If you don't mind me asking "Do you have a mother? asked Clare. "I did. Issac said solemnly. Issac started to tell the story. My mom was driving home from her Seattle job in the city. She had to work late so it was night time when she was on her home. my father got a call and the person told him that my mother had a head on car accident. her car flip and was on its head when the ambulance got there. I have never been so sad in my entire life.
Clare looked over at Issac and saw a thin tear roll down his cheek. Clare hugged and then kissed him. The sun shone on his face.He looked amazing. Issac asked me if I wanted to go see his campsite . " Sure". said Clare. Issac took Clare back to his campsite. Somehow Clare trip over a tree branch .They weren't running,but she tripped.It's like it appeared out of no where. Issac stopped. He turned around. " Are you alright". Asked Issac. "Yea". "I'm fine". Clare said calmly. " Thanks for asking". commented Clare. "Your welcome". Issac said with a grin on his face. Issac helped her up. they were finally at campsite. It was enormous compared to hers. The first thing she notice was the five birdhouses he built. His hut or place to sleep was a lot bigger than Clare. Right smack dab in the middle was his fire pit. You could tell he had used it before. Clare was little bit jealous because he made all those things in such little time. "What do you think"? Issac asked breaking the silence." It's lovely. " How'd you make the birdhouses?" wood i founded in the woods that I look through to find shelter." Come have a seat on the logs by the fire." Command Issac." Sure". Both sitting now, Clare thought she'd ask him some questions about him and how'd he live before he got to the island. Issac? Clare said patiently. "Yeah". " How'd did you know i was here? I saw the smoke from your fire pit and your screams for your father. "Oh i see" Clare said pathetically. " Can I asked you a question?" Issac asked Clare. " What was you father name? Clare thought like she was remembering what happened to her father , Jack said Clare after the moment of silence.
" So Clare would you like me to show you around?" Where I hang out and get supplies I need. " I would be delighted said Clare as calmly as she could. Both stood up. Issac led the way to his hide outs . He left marks alot the way so he would know where to come back. Clare followed close behind him. They went through trees and bushes until the finally arrive at there destination. When Clare came behind Issac her jaw dropped in awe. There was a waterfall and bushes and bushes of berries to eat and wood stack up high into the sky. Clare had never seen anything like it before. What do you think? Issac said starting to get impatient. It-It's beautiful. Clare said. How'd you find it? I didn't find it. said Issac. You made this? Yes said Issac. The waterfall was already here and the bushes and everything else nature I just cleaned it up a little.
They both walked back to the campsite hand in hands until they reached the campsite. It was a full moon that night. Both sat on the broke off tree branch by the fire staring at the stars. Clare laid her head on his shoulder. Finally they both went into the tent together. Tomorrow they would go exploring or would they?
Clare woke up to the smell a food? She came out of the tent and saw Issac making breakfast. Issac looked at her and said "Good morning sleepy head. He chuckled. Good morning. Clare said intently. "What's the matter"? Issac asked patiently. " I don't know" . Clare said. Maybe it's just a stomach ache. Clare said with hurting pain." Are you hungry"? Issac asked trying to be considerate. " Maybe I should eat to see if that helps." Clare said guessing. She ate little bit of fish. Then she said "Uh oh" and ran over to some trees and it came back up stream. Neither one knew what was wrong so using common sense, Issac said that she should lay down in the tent. Clare said okay that might be the best thing to do.Then a few weeks later her stomach started to bulge outward. Issac notice this. Issac said with concerned, "I think you might be pregnant. "Oh my Goodness." Clare said shocked.
It was early in the morning the sun just above the horizon. both Clare and Issac heard the sound of a fisherman's boat they ran the shore and Clare saw her father and Issac saw his father . Apparently both dads saw them and pulled to the shore. Issac look at Clare and she had a small tear roll down her cheek . He hugged her and whispered it's gonna be okay.
Finally the father's were off the boat and Both hugged there children. Clare's father being carefully noticing her belly. What happened to you ? Clare's father asked her. " I think I'm pregnant ,dad. Clare said softly. " Well at least you alright. Dad? Yeah. Are you mad? No honey I'm just glad we can be together again. I thought i was never gonna see you again. Dad this Is Issac. Clare's dad and Issac shook hands with one another. Dad this is Clare, the woman of my dreams, Issac said with a grin on his face. Hello. Hi Clare said shyly. Well enough of this standing around why don't we go to the campsite and eat.
A couple of weeks after the other's arrivals came a new arrival. Issac went to show the father's his secret hide out, Clare followed. Once they were at the hide out. Clare looked like she was in great pain. Her father suggested that she sit in the waterfall pond. So she did. All three men helped her give birth to a healthy baby girl named Aqua.
Now that there newest arrival is here they will live happily ever after.
The End


I finished my story "An island of hope" my first post that I typed on here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Health and exercise

Everyone should be as healthy as possible. Being healthy could lower the risks of developing serious health conditions. Diet and exercise is a good way to help you and lots of others not to develop or even increase the risks of developing serious health issues. Smoking and doing other drugs and stimulants have major affects on your lives and the lives of other people , including your own family. Not only are you hurting your body ,but the bodies of other people around you. Smoking is a major example of this. Second hand smoke is worst than smoking the cigarette yourself because you are inhaling the smoke into your body. If people stop all the drugs and violence then the world would not be like it is. People would live longer and be able to enjoy life they should be able to. I encourage everyone to live today and have a happy healthy lifestyle. Goodbye.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Thinking, thinking
the clock is ticking
What to write
Will it be right?
It's my passion
not my fashion, but
my passion.
It's who i am
It will never change
writing is unique
no story is the same.
Of course it's not a game
so many words i can write ,but what to write about.
I think I'll step aside and take a break.
so i did.
When I came back the words started flowing out of me.
I didn't stop until, I reached the end.
Just like you have.


I am mad,and sad too.
Many words in my head.
I wish i could just get them out of my head.


Friendship is a wounderful thing, sometimes.
Other times it's not,
Some friends can be a
pain in the rear,but not every friend is.
I love my friends very dear to my heart.
Sometimes we just get too close and thats when troble comes.
Then we have to take a break.
Friendship is suppose to be a happy thing.
When you are bored you can get togther with a friend and hangout together.
Like some wise guy said " friends come and friends go ,only the true friends will stay with you forever.

By Cloud 9

Climbing , climbing
higher and higher
hands in pain
thinking of disaster
regaining grip
helps to keep going
until, I've reach the top.

A Teacher

A wonderful teacher so full of inspiration,very wise,very wise indeed.
A teacher so wise needs to share it with the rest, Or else no one would guess.
I always love to be in class, her class. It's so wounderful can't you see.
When you step inside , it's always a surprise of what we shall do.
The classroom is full of mysterious things. Once you're inside there's
nothing you can do.

about the author

I love to write. Basically love writing period it's my passion . On this blog you'll find writings of all kinds, like poetry and stories.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"An Island of hope"

This story is about a girl around the age of 16. Who gets stranded on an empty island or at least she thought it was. How can a girl of 16 survive on a deserted island all alone? Yet she is smart ,but still how could anyone that young survive? This story is for mature young adults. To read more on this comment me on this blog.