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Thinking, thinking
the clock is ticking
What to write
Will it be right?
It's my passion
not my fashion, but
my passion.
It's who i am
It will never change
writing is unique
no story is the same.
Of course it's not a game
so many words i can write ,but what to write about.
I think I'll step aside and take a break.
so i did.
When I came back the words started flowing out of me.
I didn't stop until, I reached the end.
Just like you have.


I am mad,and sad too.
Many words in my head.
I wish i could just get them out of my head.


Friendship is a wounderful thing, sometimes.
Other times it's not,
Some friends can be a
pain in the rear,but not every friend is.
I love my friends very dear to my heart.
Sometimes we just get too close and thats when troble comes.
Then we have to take a break.
Friendship is suppose to be a happy thing.
When you are bored you can get togther with a friend and hangout together.
Like some wise guy said " friends come and friends go ,only the true friends will stay with you forever.

By Cloud 9

Climbing , climbing
higher and higher
hands in pain
thinking of disaster
regaining grip
helps to keep going
until, I've reach the top.

A Teacher

A wonderful teacher so full of inspiration,very wise,very wise indeed.
A teacher so wise needs to share it with the rest, Or else no one would guess.
I always love to be in class, her class. It's so wounderful can't you see. When you step inside , it's always a surprise of what we shall do. The classroom is full of mysterious things. Once you're inside there's nothing you can do.

about the author

I love to write. Basically love writing period it's my passion . On this blog you'll find writings of all kinds, like poetry and stories.