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Lifes too short so lets not take it for granted!
My gardian angel now watches over me. Yet ive know him all my life. He feels like a stranger. New, to me. Finally i realize that he is my gardian angel who now rests his head upon heavens pillows. He is the light of my path that will guide me to where he is. Yes, the gates of heaven. Then with his powerful

A Song by Gabreilla Brawdy- typed by Suzanne King

Forgive This
"All your tainted words
" Broken promises, they caught me up"
" I lived a lie, to think that you loved me"
" That was something I couldn't see..."
"Your nasty words , they kill me, to no end. "
" So I'll start here with goodbye...."
"chorus" - I hate the way you do your hair the way you lick you lips "
" the way you fight with me, makes it so unfair..."
" I think you are a fake in disguise, everything you gotten is hidden in lies"
" So ,forgive this, ow!"
" I can't believe the way you played every single game.. with a smile"
" the way you make me believe, you loved me, all the while!!!!!!!!!"
" I got a whole lot left to say, to you (oh yes i do)"
" and you'll regret every word you say "
A house can not stand divided- Abraham Lincoln
"with all that has happen i still believe people are good at heart"- Anne Frank- Diary of Anne Frank.
The oceans are a mess the oil has spread more with each passing day. Now its killing our sea animals our coastlines are becoming overly populated with the corpse of these animals. Volunteer have tried their best to save them but sadly theyre time was too short. Why did we have to have and oil factory thing next to an ocean? We should be more careful to protect our sea animals and our earth itself. Maybe in the near future we will learn to protect what we were given. Remembering these events will better aware us of what needs to be done
Heres a tip for all my viewers, love who you are and who you can become. In the long run this is true
Lincoln douglass debate museum in charleston north carolina. In about the exact same stop where the debate actually took place.