A Song by Gabreilla Brawdy- typed by Suzanne King

Forgive This

"All your tainted words
" Broken promises, they caught me up"
" I lived a lie, to think that you loved me"
" That was something I couldn't see..."
"Your nasty words , they kill me, to no end. "
" So I'll start here with goodbye...."
"chorus" - I hate the way you do your hair the way you lick you lips "
" the way you fight with me, makes it so unfair..."
" I think you are a fake in disguise, everything you gotten is hidden in lies"
" So ,forgive this, ow!"
" I can't believe the way you played every single game.. with a smile"
" the way you make me believe, you loved me, all the while!!!!!!!!!"
" I got a whole lot left to say, to you (oh yes i do)"
" and you'll regret every word you say "


  1. Wow! Intense:-)

    Have you been reading much? I just finished a 766 page book-whew! Have your heard of The Passage by Justin Cronin? It's a lot like Stephen King's The Stand (you know how I love Stephen kin).

  2. Yes, I know how you love stephen King and no I have heard it but but once I finish my summer reading program book Im going to the Libraby to get sum book(s)


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