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If I could Save the Earth!

If I could change the world or at least help it heal. First I would help the poor helpless people in the world who have very little money and food to eat. Where they live could be could be the problem. If they live in a poor country most likely the people would be poor. Poor countries usually has a lot of people , but not enough food necessaries and jobs for the people. Most of the children there don't get to go to school because they have to work in fields and factories so they can have food to eat. Most don't even have homes or protective homes. Most are open huts.
Most live in little huts with no indoors plumbing. Little food to eat and hardly enough water. They are having a hard life,why should they have a suffer? Unless they deserved to suffer. If the really truly have a change their ways only then they should have a second chance. Innocent people should not suffer under any circumstances. I would change that because I know that if I were in a situation where I was very po…


Why can't you see me?
Why can't you know me for who I am.
Am I invisable?
Who I am you'll never know. Cause I'm invisable in your eyes I'll be thinking of you everyday of my life.
Until we meet face to face.
Why can't you see me the way I want you to.
Oh Oh Oh
Tell me, Tell me why you can't see mee!
Tell me whats wrong with mee!
Why this so complicated!
Tell me why you see can't see me!
Oh oh

Real me

Dear readers,
this is actually a song I wrote. I hope you like it Enjoy!

When are you gonna let me grow up. when are you gonna let me spread my wings and fly. When are you gonna see my life through my eyes.
Oh tell me, tell meeee!
When you gonna see that I have potential too.
And trust me that way you should .
Just let loose and let me fly away, fly away and hope I will come back.
If you hope i will come back home.
Just let me be my own person deep inside you know that I will make the right choices.
Love me for who I am and not what Im not.
And you see the real me
Real me
Real me
Real me
You see the me the real meee!
You'll see the real me !!!
Just open to find the real me today.
Today! Today!


Unable to fall asleep.
Head unable to stop pounding.
Feeling dizzy as can be, tired as can be, but just can't fall asleep.
I've tried to lie down but everytime i do then i still can't sleep. My body wants and needs to go to sleep, but my mind wanders dosen't want to. my mind wanders off to a far away land where everything is just right and reality dosen't exist.
As I sit here writing this I picture myself in bed and asleep and dreaming away as if nothing is wrong. Sleeplessness. Why can't I sleep.
I guess I'm just having one sleepless night. I guess I'll try to fall asleep again.I hope i can


Justice will be served eventually.
Fortually we have evidence.
He will be punished.
Truth will be Prevailed.
Lying doesn't get anywhere in a situation like this.
One lie, after another and then no one can trust you.
No one will believe you.
You'll be. ..
like " like the boy who cried wolf".
Cause no one, but no one will believe you once the truth comes out.
Cause justice will be served, wheather you believe it or not.
Hopefully at the end of the day the people you hurt will have a smile on thier faces as thier eyes start to close.


Fall is arrving without bribing.
school is on it's way of you have to pay.
No way no way
but everyone has to pay. But the reward is worth it.
To learn new things is always nice, without a thinking twice.
School is almost here.


surrounding me , watching the trees pass me by.

As my journey is about to begin.

my journey will be tremendous.


But I know it has to be done.

I will go through many challeges alonge the way ,but...

I know I have many people behind me

And I know they will stand by me forever.