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laundary day

Rumble Grumble. Around and around they go.
Where does it stop no one knows.
On laundary day
clothes wet and warm folded and unfolded.
Laundary day is pretty sain.
never a game.


Laying in the grass looking up at the skies above.
Seeing the stars twinkling in the moonlight.
Then all at once I see a shooting star. I make a wish.
although I can not tell you, I will say it has yet to come true.

Choose a color

If I were blue I'd be the sky way up high.
If I were white a fluffy cloud
If I were red a Cardinal bird hanging in a tree.
If I were pink I'd be a Rose in the sunny sun.
If I were Green, I'd be the tree's leaves or the grass growing up tall , just like me!

I made a mistake! oh no!

I went to Florida to get a tan
I made a mistake a got a band.
I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth
I made a mistake a brushed a sheet.
I went to the bathroom to the backyard to ride my bike
I made a mistake a flew a kite.
I went to my mom's room to kiss her goodnight
I made a mistake a kiss her fist
I went to Bonanza to eat some food
I made a mistake a got the flu.
(boo hoo)


Music is everywhere!
It's amazing what it will do.
Musioc sooths you.
It calms you down
It's a way of connectivity.
and then you get lost inside then there's nothing you can do but.............
turn it off.

Days without color

My days were once full of light and color.
now they are full of darkness and despair.
I've lost my color.
I did not want to but I did.
It made a great toll on me. I have no control.
But.... yet I must remember that I yet have not been heard.
The key word is yet......
Someday people of all ages will hear me once and for all!
Hopefully it won't be too late.....
I'll use this as bate.....
Not to hate.
To bring the color back into my life.
Days without color are days lost.
Maybe I can find a peaceful place. Where everything is in it's place.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
One day maybe I'll get to my happy place,but then it will be too late.
Because I'll be in the gate.
In the gate of heavens door. The bright golden gate.
I can not imagine what it must look like to look down upon my people.

A miracle

The sun so bright
in the summer twilight
with light, so bright
you can run and play
and have a good ole day.
It's a miracle can't you see.
It was sent from heavens above.
It's a bright and sunny day
like a funny bunny.
It's one of God's miracles from day to night
without a fight
in the summer night.
Summer has yet to come to an end.

" What it means to be an American"

Being an American means a lot to me. I know I take a lot of it for granite,but once I really think about it I love being an American. Almost all Americans take what they have for granite. People in other countries don't have as much or any freedom whatsoever. We are very lucky that soliders and other people fought for our freedom. The men and women who fought for our freedom are heros.WE are lucky we have clean water to drink, food to eat. Most don't even realize that people around the world are suffering because of poor economic issues;there government is poorly run. Maybe a war is going on there. What I want people to do is when they sit down to eat or get fresh water is to think about the people who don't have those things, maybe even do something to help them.

Domencan Republic, etc


What is love?
Love is what you feel toward someone.
My parents love each other deeply.
I hope one day someone will love me, and I will love them, as much as my parents do (did).(rip-dad)
I turned the radio on and all I hear is love songs.
it kinda gets me thinking.
Sometimes gets me down .
because you know, well the adults know that I'm at the age where things just don't make sense, and it's confusing.
One minute I want to grow up the next Iwant to be a child.
It's very confusing.
Most teens are like this,but handle it in different ways.

The Secret

On november 4, 1979 something unusual happened. the cows in the pasture started running around crazy. Mama and Papa ran out of the house to see what the issue was, but weridest thing is that they could not find it. Instead they rounded them up and put them in the barn so that they would calm down.
I was looking out the window, only I know what happened that afternoon. It's a little secret of mine. No one knows about my secret now even my closest sisters. First of all I think you should know a little bit about me. My name is Isabella Marie Curry. I'm in 8th Grade. My best friend is my pets, Sadie (dog) , Pixie (dog), Trixie (dog), and sammy(cat). I have three sisters and a little brother. Michelle's the oldest,(14), Charlotte (15), Beverly (14), we call her bev. I'm 13, and my little brother is Maxwell,(8) we call him Max. Okay now I'll tell you my secret.

My special top secret that nobody knows is...... that I can see spirits.
No it's true! I know everything th…

Avery's Lullabye

Dear Viewers, this is a song I wrote about my one year old niece to get her to go to sleep while I was babysitting.

Hush little baby don't you cry
Aunt Nans gonna sing you a lullaby .Lullaby and goodnight my little baby, Avery. Lullaby , lullaby , oh lullaby sweet baby , oh mine.
Hush little baby don't you cry.
Aunt's nan's gonna sing you a lullaby.

and goodnight sleep tight little angel. Hush Baby Avery
Hush baby Avery

It's a mix of a bunch of different lullaby's .

Summer funn :)

Hot and fun
Love to run,
Fun fun
Playing, never laying
always running a'having fun. In the sun.
Playing in the summer sun. So warm on my cheeks.
playing in the sun makes me smile.
Winter is soo cold! it's always tricky on my brain.
In the sun I can run and have fun and play without a worry.