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Sweet and delicious.
Dark and rich
Chewy and tasty
It's chocolate
and you know it is delicious.

Forever By Suzanne King

I leave the memories, in my heart,because that completes me forever.
Forever I will love
Forever in my heart and in my thoughts.
Forever in my dreams.
You are there
you are my forever
M ylove for you i s like nothing you can imagine
Your body will not live forever
but your spirit will
forever is not a word but a state of mind
It's more of a spirit.
A spirit between one another
It can never be broken .
Think of it as an engagement ring it is symbolic ... It means that the love for each other will be forever even long after they're bodies have deceased.
It will only be broken if you want to.
My forever will be the smart way.
ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
By living by the word of God!
God and his son Jesus will live in my heart forever!
Forever!!!!!!!! FOREVER!


Fun and sweet
without a tweet.
not alwayssweet,but
always fun to hang with
You may not alway what
to claim them, but you will always love no matter what they do
they are always rascles
with games and jokes
without a doubt they'll make you laugh.
They'll make you smile.
They are girls who are the one's you love the most.