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" An Island of Hope"

Clare and her father, Jack went out to sea. Clare's father is a fisherman for Seattle's bay coast. Her father asked her if she wanted to go with him out to sea. Clare said " I'd love to. They headed out to sea.they were in the middle of the ocean when a mysterious storm came. Rain was flooding the boat and the waves were thrashing against it. Jack said hold on Clare. After he said that the waves threw the boat up and Clare went up in the air and landed on an deserted island, well that's what it looked like.
The storm now over, Clare wonder where her father was.Clare walked around the beach and a few times called "father". No one answered. Clare decided that she needed to build a camp before dark. She walked around and found some sticks and thing to make the fire. Clare found all the things she needed before dark. She built a little hut so she'd have some where to sleep and be dry. Clare heard a noise and she realise it was her stomach telling her she…


I finished my story "An island of hope" my first post that I typed on here.

Health and exercise

Everyone should be as healthy as possible. Being healthy could lower the risks of developing serious health conditions. Diet and exercise is a good way to help you and lots of others not to develop or even increase the risks of developing serious health issues. Smoking and doing other drugs and stimulants have major affects on your lives and the lives of other people , including your own family. Not only are you hurting your body ,but the bodies of other people around you. Smoking is a major example of this. Second hand smoke is worst than smoking the cigarette yourself because you are inhaling the smoke into your body. If people stop all the drugs and violence then the world would not be like it is. People would live longer and be able to enjoy life they should be able to. I encourage everyone to live today and have a happy healthy lifestyle. Goodbye.