I leave the memories, in my heart, because that completes me forever, Forever I will love.
Forever you will be in my heart, and in my thoughts. Forever in my dreams. You are there. You are my forever. Your body will not live forever, but your spirit can.Forever does continue, even when your body does not. Forever is not a word at all, it is a state of a state of being.....
It's more of a spirit. Think an engagement ring or wedding's in a perfect circle because it means your love for that person is forever. The ring symbolizes that you will with hold everything and love that special person forever, and nothing will break that, it will never end.
"do you promise with this ring to hold and to cherish as long as you both may live?"
You make a promise that day.. you make a will only end if the choices you make aren't loyal. Meaning it's your choice to end a forever relationship. My forever will be the smartest one of all.... ETERNAL LIFE!!!!!!! by living by the word of God himself. God and his son Jesus will live in my heart forever!! forever!!!!!

P.S viewers!!!!
I leave the r off of forever because no one wants forever to end...and so the word shall also not end


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