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A day being me!

Although I'm not the most popular person in the school; I do have people that care about me. For who I am. Yesterday wasn't my best day, I had to miss school because I had a dentist appointment to get some teeth pulled out so I can get braces. Anyway, I'm back in school today. It's enjoyable I guess it would be better if my wasn't aching with pain. Oh well, mom says when the braces come off I'll look even more pretty than I am now. Hopefully she is right. Well got to go ! Enjoy reading my blog! Good-bye!

Dear readers,

Dear readers,
Sorry :( I haven't been able to give you more juicy stories and poems, but I've been busy with my school work and just haven't had the time. I will put more of the juicy stuff on here as soon as I can so just be patient.

young author.